One of the greatest challenges for industrial facilities is the consistently high cost of fuel. The industrial sector can cut costs significantly by converting boilers, dryers, heaters, and power generators to run on liquid natural gas instead of diesel or propane. As a leader in the Florida LNG industry, we help companies and industrial facilities to manage the process of shifting to the use of Natural Gas. LNG will be most relevant for locations that are not connected to the gas pipeline. We work with our clients to identify that best logistical solution and deliver the fuel to match their needs. Additionally, FLiNG Energy offers comprehensive financing options for industrial clients making the transition to LNG. The initial cost saving compared to petroleum-based products are used to finance the equipment modifications.

FLiNG Energy provides a complete suite of first-rate services to all its industrial clients, including seamless conversion of current technology to run on natural gas, financing of the transition process, and consistent and convenient delivery of fuel to keep operations running smoothly.

The financial and the environmental advantages of using LNG as a fuel source are dramatic for companies leaving behind petroleum-based fuels. LNG is the superior energy source of the future, and FLiNG Energy is fully prepared to provide the necessary assistance every step of the way.

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