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FLiNG Energy has developed custom fueling solutions that are tailored to bulk international users who leverage its proximity to Florida ports. FLiNG serves the Caribbean, Central and South American markets. Their services enable international clients to enjoy competitive Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) pricing.

We Provide:

Logistical Planning and Execution. FLiNG will supply, transport, distribute, and regasify , via 10,000 gallon ISO tanks.

Commodity Risk Management. Our flexible pricing and hedging solutions are tailored to the specific needs of each customer.

Support the engineering process needed for a smooth transition from distillates to Natural Gas. Our partners in the industry provide the best available expertise in all aspects of shifting from petroleum-based products.

Financing solutions that provide flexible funding options to support the technological modifications.


Why do so many companies convert from traditional fuel sources to Liquefied Natural Gas? For one, it’s a dependable source of energy that offers substantial environmental and economic benefits.

It is one of the cleanest fuel-burning sources that produce up to 30% fewer greenhouse gases and up to 45% fewer pollutants compared to gasoline or diesel.

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