Vehicle Fleet

Natural Gas Vehicles (NGV) operate on natural gas or combined Natural Gas and Diesel cycles. NGVs typically use either Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). The preferred fueling method for light to medium trucks is CNG. Heavy-duty trucks with longer range requirements typically fuel up on LNG. FLiNG supplies the fuel needs of both CNG and LNG fleets.

FLiNG Energy helps you make the transition to NGV vehicles. We collaborate with experienced partners who convert your fleet to more cost-efficient and environmentally sustainable natural gas-powered vehicles. We are able to provide excellent financing options for this process, and upon its completion, will safely deliver fuel (LNG/CNG) to your business.

We can deliver to your distribution centers and even your overnight locations via our specialized cryogenic transportation vehicles. No matter whether you are an on-road customer requiring delivery of LNG to a highway location, or have storage tanks needing a refill, we have experienced professionals and a fleet of vehicles ready to make it happen.

FLiNG Energy can develop LNG/CNG fueling stations to service both LNG and CNG users. Each fueling station can be designed and established within a quick turnaround in the most cost-effective manner. When compared to traditional CNG stations, LNG/CNG is considered more economically feasible. The main reason for this is the ability to avoid infrastructure and permitting costs associated with a CNG station that is connected to a pipeline.

Another advantage of LNG/CNG is that it can be established at locations that normally could not receive the Natural Gas from a pipeline service. We are able to provide LNG or CNG dispensing alternatives to virtually any location – regardless of commodity availability or closeness to a natural gas pipeline.

Our fueling solution and infrastructure can be customized to meet your needs. Simply put, when you make cost-effective, clean natural gas your energy source of choice, we will make sure you are always well supplied.

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